Order connections for marketplaces

Synchronise orders from marketplaces automatically with your webshop. This way, you can easily process your orders in your own web shop environment. Faster, more efficient and less error-sensitive than manually!

Order connection and integration

Synchronise orders between different marketplaces and your webshop with our order connections . As soon as someone buys your product on a marketplace, the order and order details are sent to your web shop.

The stock is automatically adjusted at you and the marketplace concerned. Once you have sent the order, we forward the Track & Trace code to the relevant marketplace. The orders are processed in the same way as the orders from the own webshop.

EasyAds - Order synchronisation
Marketplaces integration and connection

Selling via a marketplace

Marketplaces have not been around very long.But the platform economy has quickly become an important part of the marketing mix. By selling your products via a marketplace, you can reach millions of new customers in one fell swoop!There are 'open' and 'closed' platforms that you can sign up for as a seller See overview

A buyer of your product orders and buys (pays) at a marketplace.After you have shipped the product(s), the marketplace transfers the purchase price minus the commission (CPS) to you. No sales means no or few costs.Commissions vary by marketplace and category.

Tools and opportunities for marketplaces


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