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How to get more sales via bol?

22 million... This is the amount of products offered by bol. A huge amount of products, where it becomes more and more difficult to stand out as a seller on bol. In order to stimulate sales via bol, you should not only offer your products, but also boost the visibility of your products. To outsmart the competition, you'll find advice in this article, including how to deal with Sponsored Products.

Which products do I select?

By means of the right choice in products, partners could offer a unique and relevant product selection on bol. Since bol also depends on you as a partner, this platform has created a few spots. With these spots a partner could select products with a high sales potential. These spots can be divided into white spots and grey spots.

1. White spots.
White spots are products with a high search volume on bol. However, there are no products offered on this platform. The advantage of offering such products is that you create a first mover advantage. This advantage not only boosts your brand awareness, but it also ensures that these products win the buy box.

2. Grey Spots.
Grey spots are products with a high search volume, but where the price of the products is above the relevant market price. As a partner you can therefore offer the product cheaper, with the result that these products win the buy box. This guarantees more sales via bol.

Organic traffic on bol

Now that the right products have been chosen, it is important to increase the visibility of these products. Ultimately, greater visibility stimulates sales via bol. In order to do so, we are happily to explain how to increase the visibility of your products:

1. Optimizing the product data.

You can only sell the products on bol if the products have been declared 'ready for sale'. You can make a product 'ready for sale' by manually adding the basic content to the product information at bol. You can also add more product information. This could lead to an increase in visibility and conversions per product.

2. Optimizing product titles.

Another way to improve the visibility of a product is to optimize the product title. For example, it is important that the distinguishing features of the product are in the title. In concrete terms, this means that the product title must comply with the bol guidelines.

Be aware! The aforementioned advice is very important for the organic search traffic of your products. However, this kind of work is manual, so it takes a lot of time to finally earn you organic search traffic. EasyAds is happy to take this work off your hands. With our Marketplace Managed service, our Marketplace specialists optimize your products, so that you generate more sales via bol.

Advertising on bol

Stimulating organic search traffic is a very useful process and will pay off in the middle long run. Meanwhile it is also possible to increase the visibility and sales of your products on the short term. This can be done via advertising via bol. Specifically, the advertised products will be located in three advertising places within bol.

Tip! The advantage of advertising via bol is that the organic ranking benefits from Sponsored Products. Consequently, this means that if the ad stops, these items have an increased organic visibility over the pre-ad period.

How can I advertise on bol?

In order to determine the net profit of a campaign, you should first define the goal of the campaign. After this you define the Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS). This means that you can set your maximum advertising contribution.

Before the campaign goes live, there are a few more factors to consider:

1. Win the buy box.
The item you want to advertise must win the buy box for 100%. This is possible if you are the unique seller of the products and/or brands. The video below explains where you could find the information about the buy box per product.

2. Complete product information.
The product information of the products you want to advertise must be as complete as possible. The information can be modified within the bol seller account.

Be aware! The management and optimization of the sponsored products campaign could take a lot of time. EasyAds would like to help you here. Our marketplace specialists maintain, manage and optimize your bol advertisements through the Managed Marketplace Service. This means that we conduct an analysis of the product selection, a strategic action plan and a selection of references.

To advertise on bol, you should use Sponsored Products. Bol has adopted the Sponsored Products principle from Amazon. Sellers are frequently using advertisement on Amazon and this is a great success on this channel. Meanwhile, more and more partners of bol are also using Sponsored Products. Subsequently, this leads to many sales via bol. This applies, for example, to Thanks to the work of our Marketplace Specialists, 50% of the turnover came from Sponsored Products within 14 days!

Are you looking for a boost in your turnover on bol, just like Sign up and EasyAds will take care of the rest!

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