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39 per maand

79 per maand

149 per maand


Standaard o.a.,, en Marktplaza.nlMeer info
o.a. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, eBay,, Kelkoo, Bigshopper
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Datafeed management, Business & pricing rules
Google Analytics tagging
Scraper - Import op maat
Uitgebreide performance dashboards
Google Ads SEA tool nieuw!
Orderkoppeling met Marketplaces nieuw!
Cost Control (Admarkt kanalen)

Service & Support

1. Set up voor alle verkoopkanalen
import, rubriekmapping en advertentie-instellingen
2. Optimalisatie op alle verkoopkanalen
optimaliseren van advertentie-inhoud, prijzen en publicaties
3. Onderhoud, monitoring en advies
nieuwe producten, technische monitoring en publicatieadvies

Aantal producten en kanalen

Aantal kanalen822onbeperkt
Aantal producten per betaald (+gratis) kanaal2.500 (250)5.000 (500)10.000 (1.000)

per month

Sales channels

  • 8 free and paid channels

Service level

  • Set-up for all sales channels


  • Data feed management by means of business rules
  • No-cost advertising on free channels
  • Google Analytics tagging

Import type

  • Direct link to your online shop
  • Data feeds – XML, CSV or JSON
  • Manual advertisement creation

Number of products per channel

  • Free channels: 250
  • Paid channels: 2,500

per month

This has everything from the Standard package, plus:

Sales channels

  • 14 free and paid channels

Service level

  • Optimisation on all sales channels


  • Performance dashboards
  • Google Ads SEA tool new!

Import type

  • Custom-made scraper/crawler

Number of products per channel

  • Free channels: 500
  • Paid channels: 5,000

per month

This has everything from the Extended package, plus:

Sales channels

  • All available sales channels

Service level

  • Maintenance, monitoring and advice


  • Order links to marketplaces
  • Cost Control (Admarkt channels)

Number of products per channel

  • Free channels: 1,000
  • Paid channels: 10,000


Extra products per 5,000 bundle (+500) €50
Extra order links (bol, amazon, beslist, eBay) €50
Full service campaign management for Google Shopping, or Facebook More information €150

Do you have several shops, you are a reseller or have an agency? Ring us for the multi-client rates! 088 4800 800

Frequently asked questions

Can I get a free trial?

Yes, of course, you can try the Standard account for 30 days at no cost. We do the set-up free of charge and free of obligation.

How do I pay?

After your trial period, you can pay via iDEAL, and afterwards by direct debit. We will send you a VAT invoice for it.

Will I be tied to a contract?

No, you can choose another type of account or cancel your account at any time. We do not have a notice period.