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How to arrange your sales and connection with Amazon for your web shop

After months of speculation, the big moment is there. Amazon has officially started in the Netherlands! If you have a web shop then it is advised to connect your web shop with Amazon as soon as possible. The reason for this advise is because E-commerce experts suggest that the introduction of Amazon will turn the world of Dutch market places upside down. This does not only apply to market places, but also to Dutch web stores that are interested in a connection with Amazon.

Before the introduction of Amazon in the Netherlands, web shops could already connect their web shop with the German version of Amazon. An example of a web shop which already has a connection with Amazon is CV Fishing. Last year, this web shop was looking for a new market and ended up at Coen Denkers, owner of CV Fishing puts it as follows:

"We saw that Amazon was gaining a lot of ground in various European countries, particularly in Germany. We had some difficulty attracting German customers to our web shop, so we looked for an alternative. I had reasonable expectations, but Amazon surpassed those expectations for sure’’.

Above all, Amazon was the right choice for this web shop. This is also confirmed with some results. For instance, CV Fishing sold nearly as much on as it did on the Dutch last month. Furthermore, the average Cost Per Sale (CPS) was € 0.30 cheaper on compared to However, the order value is currently lower at Amazon compared to

Amazon is in the Netherlands, now what?

Since 10 March, web shops that are focussing on the Dutch consumers could also make use of the largest marketplace in the world. However, as a Dutch web shop, it could be difficult to start selling on Amazon. Therefore, we created this article, so you could go through the following steps.

Step 1: Choose an Account

To get started, it is necessary to create a business account with Amazon. When creating a business account you can choose between 2 types of accounts, namely a basic account and a professional account.

The advantage of a basic account is that you only pay a commission once you sold an item. For instance, the commission of a basic account per item is € 0.99. Yet, the basic account is only suitable if your web shop sells less than 40 items per month.

Do you sell more than 40 items per month? Then a professional seller account is more suitable. This account costs €39,- per month. Similarly, you could find more information about the costs on this website.

Step 2: Add your products or make an automatic connection with Amazon

To sell your product on Amazon, it is important to add your products from your web shop to your Amazon account. There are 2 different ways to do this.

Add products by yourself on Amazon
The first step is to manually add your products. This means that you have to add your products from your web shop to Amazon one by one. After that, these products should be added to the correct category. After categorizing your products, it is possible to add "vital" information to your product page, such as product images and other information.

Add your products with EasyAdss
However, manually importing your data feed to Amazon takes a lot of time. Fortunately, there are some handy tools available, which makes it easier to import your data feed to Amazon. An example of such a tool is the tool of EasyAds.

Connecting with Amazon by EasyAds

To unburden web shop owners in linking their web shop with Amazon, EasyAds offers an automatic link to the Amazon API. This means that web shops could automatically transfer their products to Amazon. Furthermore, EasyAds could also ensure that orders from Amazon are redirected to you web shop.

An example of a web shop which is using EasyAds to connect there web shop with Amazon is CV Fishing

"Sometimes you see results from web shops on the internet that are too good to be true. Well when we started with Amazon, it was really shocking how easy and fast our orders came through. For instance, from day 1 we were receiving orders from our customers on Amazon’’.

“With the help of EasyAds, we can easily and automatically connect our products from our Lightspeed web shop to Amazon. Also, another benefit is that we receive orders from Amazon in our web shop. Therefore, we save a lot of time. Furhermore, we prevent a lot of mistakes that you would quickly make if you handle the orders manually".

Are you also enthusiastic about EasyAds? Connect your web shop with Amazon today!

Step 3: Determine the shipping option

If you sell your product on Amazon, then you should think about the choice of shipment. We are happy to explain 2 options.

Option 1: Shipments via Amazon
Via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you send your products to the Amazon fulfillment centers. When choosing for FBA, Amazon takes care of the packaging, shipping and customer service of your products. However, a disadvantage of this option is that you have to pay a commission. It is possible to calculate this commission via the FBA calculator.

Option 2: arrange the shipments by yourself
If you choose to arrange the shipments by yourself, then you are responsible for the logistics process of your products. This includes inventory management, managing your returns and customer service. Besides, you have to pay a referral fee per product sold. This fee is often between 7 to 15% of the product price.

Step 4: Add product information

To ensure that your products could be found on Amazon, it is important to prepare various basic data in advance. This important basic information includes ASINs, product descriptions, the brand of the product and the product category. If this is complete, then EasyAds can automatically direct this information to your Amazon product page.

To boost the findability of your product page even more, you can also use the enhanced brand content tool from Amazon. With this tool you can, for example, add extensive product descriptions and images. The advantage of this tool is that consumers could learn more about your product and your brand story. In addition, you can also enter relevant keywords with the tool to make your webshop even more visible on Amazon. It is important to use relevant keywords because these keywords have a positive effect on the SEO score of your product page.

Step 5: Advertising on Amazon

After successfully placing your products on Amazon, it is also essential to think about paid campaigns on Amazon. For instance, if your web shop has just started on Amazon and if you want to optimize the visibility of your products? Then sponsored products might be an interesting option to use. This option has the advantage that the traffic to your product page increases considerably. In other words, you choose which pages get a higher position within Amazon. Furhermore, another advantage is that a paid campaign has a positive effect on the organic position of your product pages.

Advertising on Amazon with EasyAds

Advertising on Amazon with EasyAds
However, setting up advertisements on Amazon costs a lot of time. To make it easier for your web shop, EasyAds can manage your Amazon campaigns. This means that certified Amazon specialists will set up and optimize your campaigns.


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