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Connect Shoptrader for automatic advertising

EasyAds has a direct API connection with Shoptrader that allows you to list your products automatically on international, paid and free sales channels. Create an account, connect your Shoptrader online shop with no effort at all and profit from the free trial period. Do you lack the technical skills? No worries. The support team will do the set-up for you free of charge! That leaves you free to focus on your business.

Sell your products automatically via all major sales channels

EasyAds is a user-friendly tool that you can use to list your products from your Shoptrader online shop directly on all the major sales channels in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Publish ads automatically on leading channels like Marktplaats,, Google Shopping and eBay or choose to use free marketplaces such as Speurders and Do you want to be able to sell internationally too? In that case, choose in Belgium or in Germany.


EasyAds is available to all Shoptrader online shop owners and marketeers looking to achieve big results in selling. Place and optimise your products and ads on various sales channels with one convenient tool. It’s easy to decide which products you want to list with the business rules. You can see your results on your dashboard or you can download them as full reports. With Cost Control, you’ll never spend more than you planned on the Admarkt channels. Are you too busy, or you just don’t understand how campaigns work? Our SEA specialist will set up complete, optimised campaigns for Google Shopping, Amazon, Facebook and the Admarkt channels.

  • It’s easy to make rules for prices, stocks and ad structure too
  • Check your results in the extensive performance dashboards
  • Set fixed budgets per month or per day
  • The best service and free set-up

  • Dashboard EasyAds screenshot


    Shoptrader offers an all-in-1 online shop platform that includes hosting, updates and support. Matters like website design, stock management, order processing and countless connection options to external parties mean that online shop owners can concentrate on selling their products.

    Shoptrader has solutions for shop owners with physical shops too, such as POS (cash-register system). The professional templates make it easy for anyone to start an online shop with Shoptrader. Shoptrader’s online shops are not only very easy to use, they are optimised for Google search results too. Of course, customisation is available too, if your wishes are more demanding. In addition to B2C options, Shoptrader also has B2B solutions. Shoptrader believes in the importance of personal support, so we hold workshops in the Amsterdam Noord district or we can drop by to visit you and explain our product in person.