Create the perfect ad by hand

In addition to all connections to online shops and the option of importing your own data feed to generate ads automatically, you can also create ads by hand. For instance, you can create general advertisements that appeal to your target group to reach more potential buyers. You don’t have an online shop? Then simply make ads by hand and publish them on all the relevant sales channels with the press of a button.

Sell your products on all free and paid sales channels

EasyAds is a user-friendly tool that you can use to list your products from your online shop directly on all the major sales channels in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Advertise free of charge on channels like Speurders, Marktplaza, Koopplein, Marktnet, and Aanbodpagina. You can place your ads on paid channels like Marktplaats, and Google Shopping too.

Handmatig adverteren dashboard screenshot

How do you make a good ad?

A good ad produces more responses and clicks and, as a result, your product or service will sell faster. But how do you make a good ad? Here are a few simple tips to help you.

Give it a catchy title.
Make sure potential buyers can see what you’re selling at a glance. Include the brand name, type and the most important features in the title. More than 70% of visitors find ads via a search enquiry. When a potential buyer searches with a word that is included in your ad, your ad will come up.

Choose the right category for your ad.
The remaining 30% of visitors find your ad by looking in a specific category. If you place your ad in the category with the best match, you can be sure that this group of potential buyers will find you too.

State a price.
Potential buyers like that. Visitors tend to be slower to respond to your ad, or will even place unrealistic bids, if you put ‘make a bid’ or ‘at any acceptable offer’ as a price type. A ‘fixed price’ inspires confidence and means a speedy sale and you don’t need to haggle.

Keep the information to the point.
Potential buyers need relevant information rather than lots of information.

Do you have a website?
Add your link to it. Make sure that visitors reach the right product page.

A picture says more than a thousand words.
Always place pictures of the actual product. If you put a photo of the new product in an ad for a second-hand product, people will soon lose interest. Take pictures of the product from different angles and include its faults. Use well-focussed and clear photos. This will mean a world of difference when it comes to selling your product.

Start the description with the most relevant information.
Search results on most sales channels usually show the first few sentences of your ad. That’s why it’s a good idea to put the most relevant information about your product or service in the first sentences at the top of your ad.