Facebook Dynamic Ads campaigns

From your EasyAds dashboard, you have placed your chosen products in the feed, created a catalogue in Facebook with the help of the step-by-step plan and set the feed to upload the products to the catalogue. Now what?

Generate, manage and optimise

Do you want people to see product ads that match their interests? Or only show them to the people who have visited your website before? Are you aiming for brand familiarity or do you want to generate more conversions? You will need to think about these matters and others when you set up a Facebook campaign. And how can you guarantee that your campaign, once you have set it up, will continue to run optimally?

Full-Service campaign management

How about an optimised, profitable campaign, one that’s run by a professional? Well, you’ve come to the right address. EasyAds has an add-on service, specifically for SME Google Ads campaigns. Our in-house SEA specialists manage your campaign, and together with you make sure that you get the most from Facebook. This service is available with the Complete Account.

  • Fully run by a professional
  • Optimised campaign, guided by your targets
  • Monthly reports and contact with your SEA specialist
  • SMB-friendly rate of €299 per month - fixed fee
  • Including a Complete Account worth €149 and use of all EasyAds channels.

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