2dehands.be Admarkt Campagnebeheer

2dehands.be Admarkt campaign management

With the extensive settings and options, such as our Cost Control, you can quickly and easily set up a campaign for 2dehands.be Admarkt. Hereafter, you could analyse the campaign's performance in the performance dashboard. This includes the current page where your ads are showing, the CPC you need to set to show the ad on page 1, and much more. However, now that you have set up a campaign, the question is how you can get a healthy return from the Marketplace of Belgium. Read on for more information about the 2dehands.be Admarkt campaign management.

Generate, manage and optimize

Via EasyAds it is possible to sell your products at 2dehands.be Admarkt. Some advantages of using EasyAds are that you can easily set up a 2dehands.be Admarkt campaign with the extensive mapping tool. Furthermore, you can also view the performance at the advertisement level in our extensive performance dashboard. Also, 2dehands.be is a Belgian Marketplace, and therefore comparable to Marktplaats in the Netherlands. This allows you to increase or decrease CPCs and turn off certain advertisements or categories via the Marketplace of Belgium.

Adverteren via EasyAds

Full Service 2dehands.be Admarkt Campaign Management

Analyzing the performance of a campaign, and optimizing or adjusting a campaign could be complex and time consuming. Hence, it is possible to hand over the 2ehand.be Admarkt campaign management to our specialists. Our in-house specialists are happy to get started with your 2ehand.be Admarkt campaign, in order to take the campaign of the Marketplace of Belgium to a higher level. Note: this service is available in our Complete account.

  • Fully managed by a specialist
  • Optimized campaign, based on your goals
  • Monthly reporting and contact with your 2ehand.be specialist
  • SME-friendly rate of € 250 per month - fixed fee

We would like to bring your products to the attention in Flanders through the 2ehand.be Admarkt campaign management. Are you also interested in increasing your visibility and sales in Wallonia? Read more about the 2ememain.be Admarkt campaign management here.

Are you interested or do you have questions? Please contact us and we will be happy to help you. You can also already use the free scan.

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