Blokker connection for webshops

Offer your products automatically in your Blokker sales account. Synchronise orders and stock to your own webshop. Blokker is a closed marketplace for which you must first register.

Blokker integration and connection

EasyAds is Blokker's integration partner and has a real-time connection with the APIs of this sales channel. By linking your Blokker sales account with EasyAds, you can offer products for sale with EAN numbers. Orders and stock are synchronised so that you do not have to sell 'no'.

In addition, EasyAds has developed an extensive data Insights dashboard for Blokker, where you have commissions and actual sales information available. In this way, you can immediately see which products sell best and what your 'net' turnover is.

EasyAds Insight Performance Dashboard: Marketplaces
Blokker integration and connection

Selling through Blokker

Blokker is a well-known phenomenon in the Netherlands and with its marketplace also very successful. is a closed platform (Blokker Connect) where you as a seller must first conclude a cooperation agreement, send an e-mail to:

A buyer of your product orders and buys it from Blokker. After you send the product(s), Blokker pays you the purchase price minus the commission. The commissions vary by category. More information

Opportunities for Blokker partners

Webshop connections

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