Scoupz feed for web shops

Offer your products fully automatically on your Scoupz account. Import and manage your products in your Scoupz account with an optimized feed via EasyAds.

Scoupz integration and connection

EasyAds has a real-time feed connection available for Scoupz. By reading the feed in your Scoupz account, you automatically create product listings. The management is done in your own Scoupz account. Stocks are synchronised so that no products are online which you do not have in stock.

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Scoupz integration and connection

Selling via Bigshopper, started in 2011, is a comparison site of the Netherlands and also a Google CSS partner. With over 15 million products, consumers compare products directly and independently on the site. The direct cooperation with independent review parties makes it easy for consumers to view and read the experiences of other web shoppers.

For web shops, offers extensive possibilities to enter or exit dynamic pricing, market insight through the unique market position determination and data management possibilities. More information

Opportunities for Scoupz sellers

  • Realtime API connection for Scoupz and webshop
  • Datafeed tool for Scoupz
Webshop connections

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