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Selling method

A fixed rate per month without any additional costs.

Active in: The Netherlands
Payment model: A fixed rate, from € 12 per month
Business account required: Yes, register with
Type of sales channel: Paid sales channel

Founded in 2011, is the no-nonsense comparison website for the Netherlands and it’s a Google CSS partner too. On this website, which features more than 15 million products, consumers can compare the goods directly and independently. The abundance of search options, including the intelligent search bar, filters and product specifications, make Scoupz a fully-fledged comparison website. Its direct collaboration with independent review parties makes it easier for consumers to view and read the experiences of other online shoppers. has a whole range of options for online businesses for moving into, or up, in dynamic pricing, understanding the market with the help of the unique market position determination and data management options. More information about selling products on >>

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The advantages of{
  • Large reach, wide network
  • Price alarm
  • No surprises afterwards
  • Google CSS partner and EasyAds

EasyAds generates a specific product feed with all the necessary product information from your online shop, which is connected to it, or imported feed, so you can offer your products for sale on You can have that feed easily imported into your account. The feed is synchronised daily, so that the product range is always up-to-date.

Type of connection: Product feed
Features: Products are listed for sale automatically Extensive dashboard per channel Free set-up
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