General information

Selling method

Direct sales and bids by means of classified advertisements.


Operates in which countries: The Netherlands
Payment model: CPC from €0.01
Is a business account required? Yes Marktplaats Admarkt
Type of sales channel: Paid sales channel

Marktplaats, founded in 1999, was one of the first websites in the Netherlands to concentrate exclusively on classified advertisements. It is now the most popular of its kind. More than 1.3 million people visit Marktplaats every day.

Marktplaats Admarkt is a quick and easy means for professional vendors to sell products extremely efficiently, increase brand familiarity and draw traffic to their (online) shops. Your advertisements are always placed at the top of the listings in the category of your choice. This means that you can reach a very large quantity of keen, potential buyers and consequently sell your products faster. More information >>

The advantages of AdMarkt:

  • You decide how much you pay
  • You can place targeted ads in the best positions.
  • You can add a free website link
  • It is quick, easy and well-organised

EasyAds and Marktplaats

EasyAds is a Marktplaats partner and has a real-time link to the AdMarkt API. You can relay advertisements from Marktplaats to the AdMarkt system. Once you have approved the link to your account, the advertising details are entered into your AdMarkt account. The CPC and the advertising budget are included in those details. From then on, you can manage the advertisements both in your AdMarkt account and the EasyAds account.

Type of link: API
Features: Place your ad at the top of the search results
You can add a website link
UTM tags are generated automatically
You can view the statistics