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Selling method

Direct sales and bids by means of classified ads.

Active in: The Netherlands
Payment model: Free
Business account required: No
Type of sales channel: Free sales channel is your own municipality’s free trading place.’s formula is based on nationwide coverage, with around 280 local trading places on the internet. is growing fast. There is a Koopplein for every Dutch municipality, but particularly the local marketplaces where a licence holder operates are popular. Those businesses promote their Koopplein, which means the visitor numbers rise. A prime example is Koopplein Texel. Although the island has fewer than 14,000 inhabitants, the website has an average of 80,000 visitors per month, who, in all, generate around 800,000 page views. More information about selling products on >>

Koopplein | EasyAds
The advantages of Koopplein:
  • is your own municipality’s free trading place
  • Free link to your website is added to all ads
  • It is quick, easy and well-organised and EasyAds

EasyAds has a real-time connection to the Koopplein API. Your ads will be automatically published in the Koopplein system under your seller name. If you place advertisements on via EasyAds, we will add a free link to your website.

Type of connection: API
Features: Move up your advertisements Add a website link to your ads UTM tags are generated automatically View your statistics
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