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Google Ads ball
Selling method

Direct sales and bids by means of classified advertisements.

Active in: Worldwide
Payment model: CPC
Business account required: Google Merchant Center
Google Ads
Type of sales channel: Paid sales channel

Google Shopping is the ideal channel if you are looking for more sales from your new customers and your current customers. Not only do new customers increase the traffic to your web shop, these new customers also generate more sales. Furthermore, a Google Shopping ad also increases your visibility with your current customers by applying remarketing to this group. As a result, this group comes into contact with your web shop even more, and this has a positive effect on the loyalty of your current customer base. Shopping can therefore be used for various customers within the Customer Journey.

The Google price comparison tool is very similar to the well-known Dutch product comparators. Your products are placed under the "Shopping" tab and between the "normal search results" at Google. Visitors can then easily compare the product range with the other providers. Subsequently, the 'Product Listing Ads' that you use are settled on the basis of CPC. More information about selling products on Google Shopping.

Before you can advertise the products on the basis of CPC on Google Shopping, a Google Ads account is required. This is where the products are placed from the Google Merchant Center. After you have set up the campaign, you can easily manage and monitor the campaign (s) from your EasyAds dashboard.

Google Shopping
The advantages of Google Shopping:
  • More traffic comes to your online shop
  • Qualitative leads
  • Better visibility

Google Shopping and EasyAds

EasyAds has an extensive integration with the Google Content API. In addition to placing your products to your Merchant Center account, you can now easily generate campaigns with our advanced Google Ads tool. Are you unable or unwilling to manage your Shopping campaigns yourself? EasyAds is a Premier Google Partner and our SEA specialists are happy to set up an optimized and profitable campaign for you. In addition, you will stay informed with a monthly report and the personal contact with our specialist. More information >>

Type of connection: API
Features: List products automatically in your Merchant Center Connection to your Google Ads account It’s easy to generate campaigns with our Google Ads tool Extensive performance dashboard
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