General info

Google Shopping
Selling method

Direct sales and bids via Google Shopping advertisements.

Active in: Worldwide
Payment model: CPC
Business account required: Google Merchant Center
Google Ads
Type of sales channel: Paid sales channel

Via the free version of Google Shopping it is possible to place your products on Google for free. This ensures that the visitors of this sales channel could come in contact with your web shop. Most importantly, this channel helps visitors to find and buy your products on Google. Where you normally would pay CPC costs for placing the products on Google Shopping, it is now possible to place your products for free on the Google Shopping tab.

The free Google Shopping tab

The free Google Shopping module is very similar to well-known product comparators. Your products are placed under the "Shopping" tab within Google. After this, visitors can then easily compare the providers and products here.

Google Shopping
The advantages of Google Shopping:
  • More traffic comes to your online shop
  • Qualitative leads
  • Better visibility

The Google Merchant Center

You can add the products to the Google Shopping tab by using the Google Merchant Center. This is where the products are evaluated before the products go live on Google Shopping.

Google Shopping

In the Merchant Center you can enable the program "platforms of Google". Your products will then automatically enter the Google Shopping tab and you can start selling.

Since this is about adding free products to a huge channel like Google, the Google Shopping tab is an ideal sales channel for all types of web shops. However, to be found on the Google Shopping tab, a complete product feed is required. Therefore, make sure that your product content is relevant and complete before you add your products to the free Google Shopping tab. More information about your product feed for the Google Shopping tab can also be found in our free Google Shopping blog.

EasyAds and Google Shopping

In addition to advertising on Google Shopping for free, you can also still use paid Google Shopping campaigns based on CPC. Via our extensive Google Ads tool you can easily generate, manage and optimize a Google Shopping campaign. Are you unable or unwilling to manage your campaigns yourself? EasyAds is a Premier Google Partner and our SEA specialists are happy to set up an optimized and profitable campaign for you. In addition, you stay informed of the process with the monthly report and the personal contact with our specialist. More information >>

Type of connection: API
Features: List products automatically in your Merchant Center Connection to your Google Ads account It’s easy to generate campaigns with our Google Ads tool Extensive performance dashboard