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Selling method

Draw attention to your products by listing them as ‘Dynamic ads’.

Active in: Worldwide
Payment model: CPC
Business account required: Yes, Facebook Advertising account
Type of sales channel: Paid sales channel

Facebook Dynamic Ads helps you reach completely new target groups based on their interests, but you can retarget known visitors too. As soon as someone has viewed specific products in your online shop, your products will show up on his or her timeline. More information about selling products with Facebook Dynamic Ads >>

The advantages of Facebook Dynamic Ads:
  • It’s easy to reach your target groups
  • You can retarget your target groups
  • You can reconnect with your target groups (mobile or desktop computer)

Facebook Dynamic Ads and EasyAds

EasyAds generates an export of your products that you can import to your Facebook account.

The extensive range of options allowing you to reach the right target group at the right time can help boost your hyperlink clicks and reduce the costs per purchase.

Type of connection: XML export
Features: List your products as ‘Dynamic Ads’ Approach your target group at a specific time Extensive dashboard Free set-up
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