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Selling method

Direct sales by means of classified advertisements.


Operates in which countries: The Netherlands
Payment model: Sales commissions from 3.5% to 7%
Is a business account required? yes, eBay business
Type of sales channel: Paid sales channel

Founded in 1995, eBay is the global online trading place for goods and services, used by a varied community of persons and small businesses. The global eBay community currently consists of more than a hundred million registered users.

Millions of items are offered for sale on eBay every day. People come to the eBay trading place to buy and sell items in thousands of categories. These range from collector’s items like postcards, coins and antiques to consumer goods such as clothing, books, CDs and electronic goods. Buyers can purchase items for a fixed price if they use the function ‘Buy now’. More information >>

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The Advantages of eBay Netherlands:

  • Large reach
  • If you don’t sell anything, you don’t incur any charges.
  • Option for international sales
  • It is quick, easy and well-organised

Costs for placing ads

You, as a company with a registered office in the Netherlands, only pay a fee for the eBay Motors categories: €0.30 per advertisement. Placing advertisements in any of the other categories is free.

Sales commission

Aanhangwagens3,5%€ 4,35
Auto's3,5%€ 4,35
Bestelauto's3,5%€ 4,35
Bussen3,5%€ 4,35
Campers3,5%€ 4,35
Markt- & Verkoopkramen3,5%€ 4,35
Motorhomes3,5%€ 4,35
Overige transportvoertuigen3,5%€ 4,35
Telefonie & Mobiel4,3%
Vrachtwagens & Opleggers3,5%€ 4,35
Alle overige categorieën7%

EasyAds and

EasyAds has a real-time link to the eBay API. If you make a link between your eBay vendor account and EasyAds, your advertisements will be automatically relayed to eBay under your own vendor name.

You can manage the advertisements both in your eBay account and from the EasyAds dashboard.

Type of link: API
Features: Place advertisements automatically
Extensive dashboard set-up
Access to 1.1 million potential customers
You can view the statistics

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