General information

Selling method

Direct sales and checkout within the marketplace


Operates in which countries: The Netherlands, Belgium
Payment model: CPS from 5% to 25%
Is a business account required? Yes, a vendor account
Type of sales channel: Marketplace

Founded in 1999,, is an online shop that operates in the Netherlands and Belgium. By selling your products via, you can reach more than
6 million new customers in one go!

If a buyer places an order for a product with you, will send you a message. You arrange the shipping and takes care of the payment transactions. transfers the purchase amount, after deducting the commission, to you. If you don’t sell anything, you don’t incur any charges. You only pay the brokerage fee if you actually sell something.

That’s what we call a good way to do business! More information >>

The advantages of

  • No sales, no charges
  • It’s easy to reach a large target group
  • Your brand name is promoted

EasyAds and

EasyAds is an official integration partner and has a real-time link to the API. When your vendor account is linked to EasyAds, your products with an EAN number are automatically put up for sale on Plaza. You can manage that range easily in the extensive performance dashboard, specifically designed for, in your EasyAds account.

Type of link: API
Features: Products are put up for sale automatically
You can offer content
Extensive dashboard set-up
Buy block information
Order link
Free set-up!