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Bigshopper | EasyAds
Selling method

A fixed rate per month based on your ad spend, without any additional costs.

Payment model: A fixed rate, from €49 per month
Type of sales channel: Price comparison website

Bigshopper was one of the first price comparison websites in the Netherlands. Our website has been helping consumers find the best deal since 2007. Bigshopper is independent and does not sell any products. We refer visitors from Bigshopper to the affiliated online shops without charging any click costs. Bigshopper does not use affiliate links. To sum up: both the clicks to Bigshopper from Google and from Bigshopper to your online shop are free.

Bigshopper uses a well-organised, transparent price model. You can start with us free of charge (we don’t charge for connection) and you have a month’s notice. In addition, the monthly costs depend on the average monthly Google Shopping spend. More information about selling products on >>

Bigshopper | EasyAds
The advantages of Bigshopper:
  • Large reach, wide network
  • Free traffic from Bigshopper
  • Operates in 16 countries
  • A Google Premium CSS Partner

Bigshopper and EasyAds

EasyAds generates a specific product feed with all the necessary product information from your online shop, which is connected to it, or imported feed, so you can offer your products for sale on Bigshopper. You can simply arrange Bigshopper to import that feed. The feed is synchronised daily, so that the product range is always up-to-date.

Type of connection: Product feed
Features: Products are listed for sale automatically Extensive dashboard per channel Free set-up
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