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Selling method

Direct sales, based on commission

Active in: The Netherlands & Belgium
Payment model: CPS - Cost Per Sale
Business account requires: Starters account
Shopping cart account
Type of sales channel: Paid sales channel is the Netherlands’ largest online shopping centre., which has 10,017 affiliated online shops and carries a range of over 25 million products, offers a clear overview of what can be bought online. 500,000 shoppers visit every day. makes online shopping even more convenient for consumers. Online shoppers can search for a product, compare prices and delivery times, read reviews of various online shops and place an order with the online shop of their choice. Shoppers who know what they want will find the best deal quickest at More information about selling products on >>

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Advantages of
  • Easily reach the online shoppers of the Netherlands
  • Maximum sales volume
  • Pay per sale - CPS and EasyAds

EasyAds generates a specific product feed with all the necessary product information from your online shop, which is connected to it, or from imported feed, so you can list your products for sale on You can easily import that feed into your Beslist Starter’s account or to your Shopping cart account. The feed is synchronised daily, so that the product range is always up-to-date.

Type of connection: Product feed + API
Features: Products are listed for sale automatically Orders are synced to your online shop Extensive sales dashboard Setup € 100 fixed fee
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