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Selling method

Direct sales on CPS basis

Active in: NL, DE, UK, FR, IT, ES
Payment model: CPS from 7%
Business account required: Yes, Amazon seller account
Type of sales channel: International marketplace

If you’re looking to reach lots of potential buyers by easy, uncomplicated means, Amazon is the right marketplace for you!

Online marketplace Amazon, the largest eCommerce platform on the European market, not only offers its customers attractive prices and a huge variety of products, its customer service is excellent too. Sellers can sell their products on all six European Amazon marketplaces (The Netherlands, Germany, Great Brittain, France, Italy and Spain) More information about selling products on Amazon >> Chesterfield Showroom | EasyAds
The advantages of Amazon:
  • It is the largest eCommerce platform in Europe
  • No sales, no charges
  • Option for international selling
  • It is quick, easy and well-organised

Amazon and EasyAds

EasyAds has a real-time connection to the Amazon API. You can automatically list your goods on Amazon by connecting your Amazon account to your EasyAds account. You only pay once you have sold a product. You can manage the ads both in your Amazon business account and in the EasyAds account.

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Link with Amazon €149 per month

  • Shop connection and data feed management
  • Amazon Europe sellers account connection (NL, DE, FR, IT, ES, UK)
  • Offer and/or order connection for known products on Amazon
  • EasyAds “Complete” account including all other eCommerce connections like, Google shopping, Marktplaats

Amazon screen

One-off Costs

  • Set-up of you Amazon seller account: One-off €150

Amazon Marketplace Managed Services

EasyAds would like to do business together with its customers. That is why the Amazon Marketplace Managed Services is also an option. With this service, our Marketplace specialists manage your Amazon account.