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Selling method

Direct sales and bids by means of classified advertisements.

Active in: Belgium
Payment model: CPC from €0.01
Business account required: Yes, Admarkt
Type of sales channel: Paid sales channel Admarkt gives you access to at least 3.2 million unique visitors a month, all focused on making a purchase. Your online ad is displayed in a relevant context and always very visible in the results list among the consumer ads.

Did you know that a third of all adverts on are for new items? When consumers are orienting themselves for a purchase, they will look at new goods and used ones. That’s why is the ultimate platform for reaching your new customers. More information about selling products on >> | EasyAds
The advantages of Admarkt:
  • It’s the largest eCommerce platform in Belgium.
  • There are no unexpected charges - you only pay if someone clicks on your ad.
  • You can draw more visitors to your online shop with a free link to the product page.
  • It is quick, easy and well-organised Admarkt and EasyAds

EasyAds has a real-time connection to the API. Your ads will be automatically published in the system under your vendor name.

After the products are automatically posted, you can start launching your campaign optimization. However, advertising on Admarkt can take a lot of time and energy. EasyAds is happy to help you with this. For example, it is possible that our Admarkt specialists set up an optimized and profitable campaign for you. Also, one of our main values is that a partner is informed as well as possible. That is why we would like to inform you of the developments of the Admarkt campaign through our monthly report and personal contact with our specialist. More information >>

Type of connection: API
Features: You can choose the position of the ads You can add a website link UTM tags are generated automatically View and analyse your statistics
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